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SANTIAGO NAZARIAN was born in São Paulo in 1977, from an Armenian family, and has become an insider's tip on the Brazilian literary scene, so far with ten books published by the biggest publishing houses in the country. In 2007, he was selected by the Hay Festival as one of the 39 highest profile Latin American writers under the age of 39.

His literary project is oddly known as "bizarre existentialism" in which he mixes classic literary references and existential ideas with horror, black humor and pop culture. Not sure if it's a trend... but it's working.

Santiago Nazarian’s virtues as a writer have never been so visible, from his well-measured pop morbidity to the powerful symbolism of some of his scenes. [For Biofobia] Daniel Galera, O Globo

We are in presence of a great talent. Luis Augusto Fischer, Zero Hora

Nazarian writes too well, he knows how to create characters and has a fascinating and daring style all his own. 
Marcelo Rubens Paiva, Folha de S. Paulo.

Nazarian crosses the imaginative narrative of the fable with his narrative momentum to culminate in fantastic poetics, sweeping away the literary tradition within current fiction. Simply beautiful. O Globo

Nazarian conveys an inimitable freshness. Bizarre and visceral. If literature is experience, Santiago demonstrates to the highest degree what the experience of a written text can be like. Folha de Pernambuco



- Neve Negra, São Paulo: Companhia das Letras 2017, 250 p.

Film rights sold

- Biofobia, Rio de Janeiro: Record 2014, 240 p.
Film rights sold

- O prédio, o tédio e o menino cego, Rio de Janeiro: Record 2009, 344 p.

- Mastigando humanos, São Paulo: Nova Fronteira 2006; Rio de Janeiro: Record 2013, 175 p.
Italy: La Linea 2013 ● Spain: Ambulantes 2013

- Feriado de mim mesmo, São Paulo: Planeta 2005, 157 p.
Film rights sold. (English and German sample translation available)

- A morte sem nome, São Paulo: Planeta 2004, 205 p.; Portugal: Palavra 2006
(English sample translation available)

- Olívio, São Paulo: Talento 2003, 139 p.

- Órfão, Formas breves 2014 (e-pub)

- Pornofantasma, Rio de Janeiro: Record 2011, 316 p.
(German sample translation available)

Young readers:

- A Festa do Dragão Morto, São Paulo, Melhoramentos 2019, 50p.

- Garotos Malditos, Rio de Janeiro: Record 2012, 256 p.

Participation in anthologies:

Popcorn unterm Zuckerhut. Junge brasilianische Literatur

Germany: Wagenbach 2013

die horen. Brasilien. Ed. Michi Strausfeld

Germany: Wallstein 2013

A mulher barbada, Peru: Factotum

In El futuro no es nuestro: Espinazo de pez, Buenos Aires: Eterna Cadencia 2009, 272 p.

Selection and foreword by Diego Trelles Paz

Bolivia: La Hoguera 2009 ● Brazil: Melhoramentos ● Chile: UQBAR 2010 ● Hungary: L’Harmattan 2011 ● Mexico: Sur Plus 2011 ● Panama: Fuga 2010 ● Peru: Madriguera2012 ● US: Open Letter Books 2012

Bogotá 39, Bogotá:Ediciones B 2007, 413 p.

In Lusofômica. La nuova narrativa in lingua portoghese: Seis dedos para contar, Rome: La Nuova Frontiera 2006

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